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Updated: Aug 29, 2022

When I was a kid, my dad put a giant welding helmet on me so I could safely watch a total eclipse of the sun. It sat heavily on my tiny head, like armor, letting only a sliver of filtered light into my wonder-filled eyes.

The sun is a bright and powerful force;

it gives us strength and warmth, but if you look at it too long, you’ll get burned.

Like so many people, I recently returned to a more “normal” routine. In doing so, I opened myself up to some scorching exposure I wasn’t expecting.

Friends told me someone I had just met, and barely know said some unkind and untrue things about me. I decided not to concern myself with it, because it reflected their character, not mine. I did nothing to provoke or deserve it, and felt our interactions were positive, even if they didn’t feel the same.

I have worked hard to focus on positivity during the past two years. I stay mindful to attract love and light. It takes effort to remain in that space with so many challenges beyond my control.

The pandemic taught me about managing my energy, and making sure I’m around the right people. Unfortunately, I have continued to hear more disparaging things being said about me.

I am only human. It started to hurt. It made me want to put on my armor and go into protective mode. I don't understand why anyone would spend time and energy saying negative things about someone they barely know. I worry someone might believe it. I worry it could impact me in a negative way. I started to let fear and doubt creep in, but only for a flash.

I have come too far, through too many difficult and dark times to let someone hijack my narrative. If my light is going to be extinguished, it will not be unkind and untrue words that will snuff it out.

On the dimmest of days, we can become the most powerful version of ourselves. Being challenged ignites a spark that propels us forward. When we are in the dark, we always look for the light. We emerge facing the sun, full of fire—a triumphant and mighty force.

I am wrapped in powerful glow of the sun. I have overcome too much to let the options of others get in my way. I will remain kind, empathetic, and strong.

If I am shining too bright for you, look away.

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