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one year

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

Give yourself a year and you can change your life.

Not much looks like it did a year ago. It has been a full year since I made a bold move and relocated to my birth city; the place I took baby steps, but didn’t put down roots—until now.

Some people are good with change, but I suppose I am not one of them. I like familiarity. It is probably the reason I stayed far too long in a place I had outgrown. I knew I had to go, but it was hard. There were so many reasons I couldn’t stay. It was like my old life kept pushing me away.

It will take a while to fully adjust, but I am building the future I deserve. I am the only person who can change myself, or my circumstances. I have always been driven, adventurous, and forward thinking, but am also a creature of habit. It took some hard life lessons to realize I had taken some wrong turns, even though I was in one place. I guess it is like doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different outcome.

I have welcomed four seasons, some new friends, and a lot of change. The scenery is different, but I am too. There is no shortage of challenges and struggles, but there is also a sense of calm, assuredness, and comfort. It is the feeling you get when you’re on the right path. Every step away from where I was, is another step closer to where I’m meant to be.

There are moments here that are nearly perfect, and I can feel my soul settle. There is peace and simplicity. There is still too much solitude, but I suppose that leaves more room for new opportunities, and better times ahead.

Today I nibbled on wild saskatoon berries on my walk by the river. I smiled and felt a spurt of happiness as I squished the soft juicy fruit between my teeth. It is a simple pleasure to pick a berry off a bush, while walking with my dog, her tail high and wagging, our heads sprinkled with sunshine, meandering along, like the blue waters of the Bow beside us.

Bliss 🦋

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