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Doesn’t it seem like we always have too much on our plates? I take on a lot, feeling like my maximum is required every time I tackle something. I often wonder if there is a way to reprogram myself to accept a lesser effort, one that is just enough.


I remember being in University as a mature student while working full time. I had a heavy class load, plus a full workload. I had a term paper due that was worth 30% of my final grade in a difficult class. I put an immense amount of time and effort into the project. I needed to maintain my average to graduate with distinction, so I told myself nothing less than my best would do.


I put 40 hours into the paper and received 94%. I was elated. I recall talking with some fellow students about the paper and our marks. I seemed to have one of the highest. A lot of them were disappointed with theirs. When we talked about how much time each of us had put in, most said around eight hours. It was a massive difference. Happy with my grade, I recall pondering how much time it would take to perhaps achieve a slightly lower, but still decent one, and still maintain my average. I wonder what the difference is between maximum effort and enough?


I am not sure I know how to distinguish the difference.


I put a lot of time and effort into most things I feel are important. Sometimes there is no tangible measure like a grade to be given, just satisfaction with my effort. As I get older, I realize more and more that the most precious of commodities, time, once spent, will never return. It will never be replenished, only diminished. It makes me want to focus on the things that matter most. It makes me want to economize wherever possible on large expenditures that could be smaller.


 I need to work out how much is indeed enough…


I ask myself, will this use of my time make me happy? Will it help me to feel fulfilled? Will it be time well spent? Does it help me achieve my goals and my dreams? Will it replenish my spirit? Is it enough?


I tell myself it is. It is enough. I am enough.


You are enough.

We are enough.


This is enough,


Enough is enough.


It is literally, enough…

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