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clear the cache

Earlier this year I had a total tech meltdown. There is no worse feeling than the “memory full” warning message popping up on your computer. As an entrepreneur, I am tech support out of necessity, but as the warnings became more persistent, I realized I had a real problem.

I did a deep dive into file maintenance, archived photos, cleared emails, and deleted old files. Nothing seemed to make enough room. My panic rose.

I turned to Apple support. We searched all areas of my hard drive. Our resolve wore thin, but four hours in, there was no turning back. Finally, we found the issue. In the depths of my cached files was a shadow copy of my entire photo library. Tech guy said my computer likely duplicated the files during a system update. The cache was just sitting there taking up space.

“Go ahead. Hit delete,” he said. My stomach turned thinking one key stroke could erase my precious memories, but he calmly assured me the phantom files were useless.

Deep breath. Delete. My memory was instantly restored, and my anxiety melted.

Maybe we all have a hidden cache we don't know about that is just taking up space and needs to be cleared...

As we navigate the stressful holiday season, and head towards a new year, we will start to think about resolutions, and fresh starts. Let's take a deep dive in our lives to rid ourselves of things we no longer need; the things that are slowing us down, even if we don’t realize it.

Don’t wait for the warning message. Don’t wait for a meltdown, or system failure…

Go ahead. Deep breath. Delete.

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