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old me

There’s a stigma about getting old, but I think people are getting it wrong.

The person who greets us in the mirror each day is always brand new. As old you vanishes, a new you emerges. When you think of it this way, we are not actually growing old, we are growing new.

New you is constantly navigating uncharted territory, but if you are lucky, old you equipped you with some valuable wisdom, and knowledge. You may not even realize you’ve carried it with you until you need it.

Lately, I have realized old me was busy doing things that helped get me through some difficult days. She worked hard for years to provide physical and emotional safety and stability.

Old me took care of things.

She set plans into motion I had not been able to fully comprehend until recently. She built, then saved our business. She continued our education. She navigated an abusive marriage, a divorce, and a pandemic. She made sure we are surrounded by the right people. She moved us to a solid place to build new foundation for the future.

I’m glad old me had so much forethought. She even got us the best dog! I really like old me.

Old me not only protected me, but she projected me forward. Because of the actions of old me, I am following a trajectory set in motion by a force beyond my comprehension. It is amazing to think our current reality was made possible by the former versions of ourselves.

I’ve long viewed balance as a sphere of mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony, but with my newfound awareness of self, I now also envision an axis through the centre that connects the past, present, and future. I believe it is a point of connection that is holding us all together. It is wonderful to feel that supported.

It has taken me a long time and a lot of hard work to get where I am today. There were times

I felt defeated, alone and hopeless, but because of old me, I am starting to thrive instead of just trying to survive. I feel like I have reconciled my past and I am looking towards the future. I know for sure I would not be where I am today without the efforts of my former self.

Thank you old me 🦋

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