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whimper and roar

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

"I have found a way to be thankful for many things, including adversity, because I know nobody only gets the good stuff. "

My life tends not to whimper, in fact it generally roars. I can never guess what will come next, because it often exceeds anything I can dream, or imagine. I try to take what comes, and do my best to soar.

Then 2020 happened – to everyone. At a time when we were ready to collectively roar into the 20’s, we were met with unimaginable struggle. Each of us experienced our own obstacles and challenges, while simultaneously going through other things with the masses.

This past year has been difficult. I have encouraged a lot of people not to diminish what they are going through, just because they know other people are also struggling. Each individual's struggles are just as valid. They deserve as much attention, and acknowledgment as anyone else’s. It is certainly a good time to be selfless, but that should not preclude personal needs. In order to serve others, you also must serve yourself.

I think it is fair to say most of us have acquired some new life skills, beyond toilet paper hoarding, and hand sanitization. We have honed our ability to adapt, our survival instincts have kicked in, and we have become more resilient. I also think our sense of community has evolved, or even been reconstructed. We have zoomed, porch visited, text messaged, and random act of kindnessed our way to a whole new and different level of connection with our friends, families, and colleagues.

2020 may have exited with a whimper, but 2021 entered with the hope of better things to come – at least I think it did. It may take a while, but I feel our voices will rise above a whimper. Perhaps mightier than before.

I am thankful for the love, support and understanding bestowed upon me by others. I think I have become more mindful of my own role in providing support and connecting with the people in my life. Assumptions cannot be made about how someone is doing, what they are going through, or what they may need. This new community structure is more tactile, and less presumptive. Even with the absence of hands-on options, we need to be truly present.

I try to honour my own journey with as much authenticity and grace as possible. Each moment in time propels me forward, teaches me important lessons, shows me humility and humanity, tests me, and fills me. This is life.

We are not immune to struggle. It truly is the human experience. It is unpredictable, and awe inspiring. It is the good mixed with the bad. It is a balance of allowing our vulnerable hearts to let light in, and having enough grit to get past the obstacles. It is not knowing if what comes next is a unicorn riding on a cotton candy cloud, or a brick wall, or a cliff. It is leaping into the future with enough faith to take whatever comes.

Despite the struggles, I have found a way to be thankful for many things, including adversity, because I know nobody only gets the good stuff.

Life is truly a gift. Each day is a miracle. I send good wishes your way as you embrace the new year. It is my sincere hope you will find a way to ROAR.

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