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Updated: May 15, 2023

Life can be hard sometimes. Even though there is so much to be thankful for, and many good things and positive people in the world, sometimes the tough stuff takes a toll.

I worry about people a lot. I worry about myself too.

We have all been through so much. I wonder when the easy breezy days will arrive, and we will set out with wild abandon to have carefree fun and frivolity? We’ve gotten so used to things being hard we’ve even come up with a shortcut to say we’re okay.

We can mark ourselves safe in almost any situation…

I get the on-line version of this is meant for natural disasters and such, but even when someone asks if we are okay, we can also simply do this…


I’ll admit the past few years have been hard. Like many people, I marked myself safe from the pandemic. I marked myself safe from almost losing my business. I marked myself safe from being isolated and lonely. Check, check, check…👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

I guess we keep marking ourselves safe because we are taking it day by day. It doesn’t mean we are really okay overall, but it’s okay that we’re not. I probably say I’m okay more often than I am. It is not completely true or false, it is just that okay is somewhere in the middle of good and bad. Okay is…okay…

This shit is hard, and it is also real. We are living it. Despite all the surviving and getting by, I still have hope and optimism. I think that is okay too!

I am reminded often we are not guaranteed tomorrow. The knowledge life is fragile and can change, or be taken from us in an instant, keeps me grateful I still have chances to string together more thumbs ups and check marks.

I want nothing more than to know the people I care about are safe; to know they are okay. I want us to be okay.

There’s a check mark on my heart this week from all the people who asked me if how I’m doing. Sometimes I forget how many people I have in my corner. It truly mattered to me that so many people care.

I’ve mark myself safe again. I hope you are too 🦋

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