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In order arrive somewhere new, we have to leave the place we were.

This rings true as I reflect on a year of change and reinvention. I dismantled an entire existence to rebuild one that is better and new. I let myself leave the familiar place where I no longer fit.

To cling to our old self is tempting. The past is filled with our most cherished memories. When we look back, we see a well-worn path, but the past won’t embrace us. There’s nothing real in it; it is over and gone. The past melts into the present, which will vanish even as I type these words.

The present is momentary placeholder that leads to our unknown and unfamiliar future. There is no known road for us to follow, yet, it is the only place for us.

The time it took me to step forward seemed like an eternity. I was stuck in suspended animation, going nowhere. I now realize I was safely cocooning, just waiting to break free. When I emerged, I was able to embrace the things that served me, and release the things that didn’t. I have a renewed desire for happiness, prosperity, fulfilment, friendship, adventure, and to give and receive more love.

The future is alive and vibrant. It holds promise and opportunity. It is where our hopes and dreams reside. Even when the past grips us firmly, the future is the only viable destination.

As soon as we let go of the past it becomes fuzzy—even dim. There is a reason shadows fall behind us. When we look into the light and walk ahead, each step forward is illuminated.

Current status: arrived

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