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Can we be strong if we are also fragile? If we are prone to breaking, will it be too easy to be completely shattered?

We equate strength with hardness. We are told that in order to survive the battles of life, we must stifle our fears, put on our armour, and prepare to be scarred, battered, and bruised.


But what if the softness is what saves us?


We build walls out of self-preservation. I don’t think we are conscious of the layers of protection we add to feel safe. I have built walls so thick and tall they are nearly impenetrable, but I don’t want to stay buried there.

If we mask all signs of weakness, and ignore the gentle tender parts, we lose half of what we need to be complete. To be truly strong is to preserve our soft centre. The softness is where our compassion, calmness, and caring nature resides. Our humanity lies inside the fortified walls. Our fragility is our saving grace.

No matter how hard life gets, I want to stay soft. I want to chisel my way out and turn my face to the sun, because the sun rises, just as I do.

Take off your armour, set down your shield, and lay down your sword. This battle is done, and the fight is over. You have lived to see another day. Rest now, and let your mind be free of worry, and take comfort in knowing the softest place to land is inside you 🦋

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