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Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Our lives are lived in moments, and defined by moments. The record of our existence is made up of all our moments, strung together. How a moment is spent, or squandered can change our story.

How long is a moment? Is it a second? A minute? Or is it a snapshot of undefined time? Our lives are lived in moments, and defined by moments. The record of our existence is made up of all our moments, strung together.

I think about how things can change in an instant. How a moment is spent, or squandered can alter our story. Our moments have narrow margins. A split-second could change our fate. We sometimes give ourselves over to misspent distractions, and negative influences. These things rob us of our precious time. The good news is, how we use them is more a matter of choice, than of chance, even though both are at play.

I try to be mindful of my moments, despite the fact it is not an exacting process. Many of my creative thoughts come at times when I am not consciously seeking them. They trickle down on me like rain, and I can either let them disappear into a puddle, or catch them in the palms of my hands. The more mindful I become, the more control I have over my story, and the better I become at managing them actively, and deliberately.

We can also mindfully manage our personal connections. People enter our mind space, like a cosmic hologram. This is not happenstance. We are bound together by kinetic energy, tethered to one another with invisible woven roots. I frequently feel the essence of others. Sometimes it is like the dancing light of a firefly, and other times it is like a lightning bolt. It took me a long time to realize I could harness this energy, or send it away.

In an intuition class I learned to detach from negative energy. It is so simple I can share it with you in a few sentences.

If you feel unwanted thoughts, or energy, close your eyes, take a deep breath, and imagine a bright white light streaming into your body. Let the energy flow through you. Then turn your thoughts to positivity, love, and light. If the negative energy is attached to a certain person, mindfully disconnect from these thoughts, and their energy. Wish the person healing, positivity, and love, and send the energy back to them. Then imagine the portal to this energy as a cord that runs through the centre of your body. Imagine cutting this cord in front of you, and behind. Once you cut the cord and detach, this unwanted energy will simply flow away.

I do this for myself constantly now. It helps me limit the time I spend with my mind racing, instead replacing it with my own directed energy. It helps me make the most of my moments. It leaves room for more creativity, positive thoughts and feelings, and joyful interactions.

We all have a choice how to use our energy. Don’t let important moments pass. Write down the inspired thought. Send the supportive text. Tell people they matter. Make positive connections, and detach from the negative ones. We might not be able to control everything, but either consciously, or subconsciously we can help direct our fate. We can make our moments matter.

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