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my next thirty years

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

"Thirty years ago, I did not think about what my life would look like today. Now that I am nearing fifty, thoughts about what my life will look like at eighty are already on my mind."

Thirty years ago, I did not think about what my life would look like today. I did not have a wide enough life lens to even consider looking thirty years into the future. Sure, I had plans, goals, and aspirations, but they always encompassed far shorter spans.

Now that I am nearing fifty, thoughts about what my life will look like at eighty are already on my mind. Perhaps it is because I am in flight and soaring in my prime, that I am able to look into the distance. I want to consider how best to chart the course ahead, and navigate the runway when it’s time to land.

A lot has changed in the world in the past two years. I think many of us have evaluated our lives and our place in the world. Combine that forced growth with a looming milestone half century birthday, and I guess you could say my introspection is immense.

I have decided to set some goals to go with my reevaluation. Some are already in action.

1) Go easy on my body. I want to maintain vitality, flexibility, and activity, while protecting my one and only vessle. It has been 14 years since I had surgery for a back issue, and it has been a constant quest to maintain forward momentum and manage challenges. I could not have known how my body would feel at this age, but in reality, we all decline as we get older. All of my decisions contribute to my goal of continuing to be active when I am older. I don’t want to be sidelined. I want to be upright and moving, even if it is at a slower pace.

2) Get closer to family. I recently moved after thirty years of living in one place. It was hard to pull myself away from the comfort that familiarity provides, but I know it is the right decision. The past two years created chasms of solitude for me that were impossible to traverse. I certainly had some support, but I knew I needed to uproot and replant closer to my family. My support system is still in-tact even though I pulled a cut and run. I am thankful for everyone in my life; near and far.

3) Maintain my boundaries. It took me a long time to realize I had poor boundaries. I guess we don’t see our own faults sometimes, because we are too close to them. For me, I kept letting destructive entities through the same weak spot. I have spent a lot of time repairing the damage, and patching things back up. I also took time to educate myself with new skills to ensure I have the tools to maintain these healthy parameters. I have a lot of peace of mind lately, and that improvement speaks for itself.

4) Set new goals. I think a lot of the big goals get set and knocked off the list earlier in life. This next phase will be more about minutiae. I want to spend more time in nature. I want to spend quality time with quality people. I want to read more books, hear more music, and continue seeing more places in our wonderful world. I want to keep educating myself and learning, but I also want to mentor and teach. I want to use my voice, skills, talents, and influence for good. I want to put all the lessons I have learned to some good use. I want to limit worry, and embrace all life has to offer.

My next thirty years are going to be great—I just know it!

I have laid the proper groundwork to make that predicton come true. I want to keep soaring up here where I have broader picture of life and the future. I look forward to what is to come.


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1 comentário

I enjoyed hearing the description of how the foundation is in place to be able to soar and make the next 30 years meaningful. This in itself is a huge inspiration, Ilan.

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