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outside the lines

Updated: Oct 3, 2022

When we are little we colour outside the lines. Life is abstract, so we splash colour everywhere, never considering what the rules are. We have no compass, or track; we simply scribble with abandon. There is no sense of failure, or limitation—we exist to experiment with our messy potential.

Slowly, we realize the lines are there, and we are encouraged to stay within them. Eventually we lose some of the innocence that comes with not understanding borders and boundaries. Thankfully, we start to throw the rules out the window again as we get older, and realize there are endless ways to colour the page.

We are our own masterpiece. No great painter, or colouring book aficionado instantly emerges. We paint as we go to find our true self, leaving behind our essence as expressions and impressions on the many canvases of our life.

Each chapter represents a new opportunity to complete the picture the way we want it.

I am informed by the many vibrant and beautiful pictures in my past. All the lessons, hardships, and losses. All the love, colour and light. It is all there to guide me; it contributes to what comes next.

I have felt I am on a new page for a while now. At first, there was a blank canvas in front of me, but now I can see an outline of what it will be. The rest is up to me. I get to choose the palate for the next work of art in my wonderful collection.

There are so many ambitions, wants and wishes still to come. I am building the life I deserve—I will articulate it, and manifest it. I can visualize the picture I want to paint for my future.

I may be work in progress, but I am secure in the fact I have a steady hand on the brush that will splash the colour on my new canvas.

Maybe I’ll even choose to colour outside the lines…

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