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don't dim to fit in

Due to personal reasons, I will be shining brightly and unapologetically for the foreseeable future.

There is enough room for all the stars in the sky.

I had a conversation with a friend of mine recently about living with authenticity. We are both creative souls, and I think sometimes people like us are not easy to understand. Perhaps it is because we are more abstract, or we don't fit norms.

I've always been aware when I make someone uncomfortable simply by existing. I've come to understand when you shine your authentic self outwards, it radiates towards those who can appreciate and accept it, and you, but it bounces off people who are not open to it, and you.

Sometimes that feels like rejection, but it isn't. In fact, we can reabsorb the deflected energy and choose where it goes. We can even keep it!

I told my friend I used to tap down the dimmer switch on my life light to make other people feel comfortable. Over time, I realized I did that at my own expense. I try not to do it anymore.

I have a deck of angel cards I use for positive affirmations. I got the same five cards almost all of last year. My friend and spirit guide @sheetalstory had told me 2021 would be a difficult year for me; almost unprecedentedly hard. I had only been through a year like it one other time in my life, and the parallels were eerie.

Almost unprecedented...but I knew I had emerged from the past hardships with a sense of renewal. It propelled me forward. instead of focusing on the challenges, I told myself I would get through it. I told myself I would persevere. I told myself I would emerge triumphant. I chose to reinvent, reinforce, refresh, reset. I even relocated.

In early January I started to draw new cards. Sheetal says the cards never lie, and one is coming up repeatedly.

~Don't dim to fit in~

The emergence of this angel card coincided with the conversation I had with my friend, who then sent me a meme that said: Due to personal reasons, I will be shining brightly and unapologetically for the foreseeable future.

I have restored my factory settings to maximum brightness.

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